"AffiliateTraction has been a vital part of our affiliate programme's overall success. We knew that affiliate marketing was an untapped resource for our business model but we didn't have the time or expertise to properly develop it. This is when AffiliateTraction entered the picture for us. We spent weeks researching and reviewing other affiliate marketing management companies but NOBODY came anywhere near the level of professionalism, expertise and value that AffiliateTraction appeared to offer. It's been exciting to see the affiliate channel traffic and sales swell as more and more big affiliates have been guided to our programme by the skilled AffiliateTraction staff. - Event Decor Direct

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Retailers & Manufacturers

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  • KPI-Based Strategy Development
  • Global Expansion Opportunities
  • Optional Multi-Network Approach
  • Media Buys on Performance
  • Affiliate Channel Brand Compliance
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Affiliates & Publishers

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  • Access to the Best Brands
  • Exclusive Offers & Custom Creatives
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Support by Phone & Email
  • International Opportunities
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